Chapter 6 - Telegraph Days: Plate 2 - Somethin’ Hyphen Somethin’ Else
Agnes was inclined to be open to art. She loved any form of expression, whether or not it made sense to her.

Belcher, on the other hand, was not a big fan of nonrepresentational art.

An art skeptic, he.


They were both generally supportive of my ambition but basically they were both humoring me.

That’s the big, scary question for the 'Something Hyphenated Something Elses'; what if it all comes down to that… people just humoring you?

Here's where I get off the Didactic Train 'cause I just don't know. If you think success is an answer, think again because later I made it. Lucky me. I was able to drop the hyphen from my life description. I made a living with my Art. For a while, I even made it big.

But all I got was more pressure, bigger insecurity and scarier questions.

So I guess it's, "You do what you do because that's what you do." Hyphen or no. And maybe because, in America, you can

Like Belcher says, "Ya jus keep on keepin on bro."

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