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Chapter 10 Nina's Art

Plate 3: Here Today...

Lately I've been thinking about friends. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's the time of life. Nina and her husband are my friends. He has this great role in Swarzenegger's new film.

They invited me to the studio to watch the final shot and hang for the wrap party. While her husband worked, Nina and I sat in the corner, gossiped and talked about friends. She pointed out the set romances, then - an innocent question - she asked about Kaye, about what happened in Berkeley.

You ask that question here? Wait, yes, it is perfect, a movie set for a sad story. Besides, everyone is busy. There's Arnie talking with some "suits." The director with the lighting guys, Nina's man with the screenwriter. No one cares about us.

There is a strange intimacy here in the midst of chaos.

But what do I tell you? How I met her? Our love? We fit like gears. She took the struggle out of my Art. She was my muse and my manager.


She made me successful. Remember the prints? That Absolut Vodka ad? I was everywhere! That was all her. Then somebody took her. It took me three days to realize something was wrong. Can you see it? We had trust. Can you imagine the guilt? The helplessness? The police indifference. Anger. Police suspicion - I, a logical suspect, even to myself.

And I was guilty. Guilty of somehow losing her. Shock. Maybe a joke. I thought she'd come back. Then a witness turns up, saw the abduction. Do you want the details? What I imagined? The witness saw three men. I looked for her. I went to Palm Beach. It's all I really knew of her past. Came back empty. Fell apart. Now I'm here. I thought you knew all this? Strange, I guess when something really bad happens to you, you assume everyone knows about it. When you find that they don't, you realize there's no way to really explain it.

Now, what were we talking about? Oh yes, set romances and those intense, here-today-gone tomorrow movie-set friendships. Nina was crying. For me I guess. I told her to stop it and go hug her husband because...well... you just never know.


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