Meanwhile Nina shows Mat one of my old drawings which he says is really cool,
so I asked Mat if he wanted to be an Artist.
"No" says he, very matter-of-fact, "A gangster." As an aside he added that he, "kind of likes to draw."
"Great..." I say laughing to Nina "...maybe I should get him some spray cans and point him at a wall!"
Nina shoots me one of those MOM LOOKS, like, 'don't you dare give him any ideas', so I recover by showing him my favorite pen.
So Mat sat there drawing on napkins with my pen while Nina cut up the carrots and Mat's Mom torched up some more crack in the bathroom.

I just sat there whistling a U-2 song, thinking that it was going to be
a very interesting
New Years Eve.


Chapter 10, plate 4: Between a Rock and a Hard Case, CrisisCity ©2009 FatBoy Ink