That's when Mat asked me why I whistle.

What do you say to a five year old whose Father split and whose Mother is bashing her brains out on The Rock?

Do I tell him I whistle because it's a great life?

Because God loves all the lil' chillins?

I just looked at him and said "Why not?"

Mat and I hung out most of the evening until Rachael grabbed her son and split after Nina confronted her about the crack.

So Nina, upset and confused, spent the New Years being consoled by her husband - Rachael and her son spent it looking for dope - and I spent it looking for my pen, which I had suddenly realized was missing.

Not 10 minutes into the new year I had a new mission ...



Chapter 10, plate 4: Between a Rock and a Hard Case, CrisisCity ©2009 FatBoy Ink