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They say every Artist has one theme threading its way throughout his entire body of work. Perhaps mine is surreal wonder at the fact of our survival in such a mercurial and capricious world - life in God's great gambling machine.

Our city is an engine of incredible power; a principal player in a great empire. Covering 150 square miles, it's lights spread out into the night like carpet of jewels. Even while the city sleeps, it glows. Yet in one instant we were thrown into darkness.

People handle catastrophe differently. Many succumb to terror, rage, or confusion. Some have the presence of mind to find calm in the eye of the storm. A few can find beauty in the midst of disaster.

Its easy, living in a big city, to be overly impressed with man's achievement. Things do look good with the power on. But when the lights go out, sometimes we can see better. We can see who's cool and who's cruel and who's really in charge.

Northridge Earthquake, San Fernando Valley, January 4, 1994

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