The Current Characters in Crisis City

Alex Alexander
That's me. Too young to be a hippie too old to be anything else. I'm an Artist. Makin' Art. You know. I lived in Berkeley met a girl had my career take off then moved to Los Angeles after my girl friend dissappeared. I can't tell you much about myself except that Nina says I have two central themes, "Why me?" and "Why not me?"
  Agnes Lieberman
Agnes sort of adopted Belcher and me, having lost all of her own family in the holocost. I never had a Jewish mother before. I found that they really do have this thing for chicken soup. She also had a sharp mind. Sharp, quick and deep. She taught me a lot. In between her complaints about her health, the state of liberal politics in America, and the choice of dress of the UCB coeds she could come up with some real first class thinking.
At six foot, ten inches tall, tipping the scales at three hundred and fifty pounds, Belcher was one of the biggest human beings I’d ever personally met. He was an old biker from Oakland mellowed by age and that weird Pseudo-zen thinking you find in Northern California.
  Kaye deMetz
She made me successful. Remember the prints? That Absolut Vodka ad? I was everywhere! That was all her. Then somebody took her. It took me three days to realize something was wrong. Can you see it? We had trust. Can you imagine the guilt? The helplessness? The police indifference. Anger. Police suspicion - I, a logical suspect, even to myself.
Nina Velasquez Russell
She's my friend. Her husband is in the industry. You've seen him. He's doing well and they just had a little baby. Nina has a certain sort of magic about her. The calm in the storm typoe. We call it Nina's Art.
  Rachael Arrogones Smith
Rachael and Nina grew up together in El Monte. Barrio Brats. Nina just wanted out, Rachael wanted a little more. Un Poquito Mas. She got it. The Big Ticket. The High Time. You've seen her too. She became a super model then an actress, raged in New York and Milano, met a Trip-Hop DJ who ultimately left her with a great pad, a kid, and a drug habit.
Matthew Smith
Mat's five. His Mom, Rachael, is an old friend of Nina's, works in the Industry. You know the type, actress, model, single mom, drug addict. We met when a bunch of us showed up early to help Nina set up the loft for New Years. He wants to be “ A gangster…” but he likes to draw.

Me, Nina and Bebe went to Art school together. He's from Iran. I can't pronounce his real name properly so he lets me use Bebe a family nick name. He's doing pretty well in the art LA Art world.
The Czech
An Art Groupie Bebe introduced me to. From Prague. She's a collector of sorts, she collectes men. A paradox created by the modern world, she's an independant girl who wants to be taken care of. An unconverted communist who aims herself at rich men. Painfully beautiful, she snubbed me for Brad Pitt. It's okay. I wasn't really over Kaye. Lucky me.
  Samuel (Lil D) Dinkum Rowe
Old Sam is a bum. He sits in front of the Ralphs on Sunset reading from his Bible and lecturing passers-by
D Max Flippa
He might be Jamaican. Most think so. Still, it's a mystery and he's not talkin. He's Rachael's Ex and Matthew's Dad. A business man, a poet and a DJ. Most think he's a drug dealer but I don't know about that either. He's into underground labor politics on a world-wide scale. He's got an internet company, a record label and an import-export business.