Chapter 6 - Telegraph Days

Plate 1: The Avenue Crew
  Plate 2: Somethin' Hyphen Somethin' Else
Sellin' Tee Shirts to tourists on Telegraph Avenue.   An Artist has gotta eat.

Chapter 10 - Nina's Art

Plate 1: The Opening   Plate 2: Glass Shadows
Old friends meet for Bebe's opening at the Brand Library Art Gallery. Alex learns the secret of Nina's art.   A walk down 3rd Street in Santa Monica through falling shards of breaking glass shadows.
Plate 3: Here Today...   Plate 4: Between a Rock and a Hard Case
Nina invites Alex to the final shooting and wrap party of Arnie's latest and the thruth comes out.   It's a New Years Party! Nina cuts the carrots, Alex & Matthew draw, Mom does crack in the bathroom.
Plate 5: BOOM!   Plate 6: Lambs to Slaughter
Some freak, some tweak, some find the way out! Everyone discovers the bottom line when CrisisCity Rock & Rolls   Rachael's tweaking. Sam preaches. Alex hears his calling. Meanwhile the Haggen-Dazs melts.
Plate 7: Fact and Fiction      
Friends, values, demons & drugs, fallout from the nuclear family. Throw it up in court and let the lawyers sort it all out!    

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