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Contemplating the Memphis Belle
A short exploration of the space between the fact and fiction of B-17s, Friends, Families, Model Building and Carpet Bombing
Beautiful Beast
So if one kid can be killed by one stray bullet in my world, how many innocent children were killed by stray bullets in Belle's world? Why was it that in all of the books I'd read, in all of the movies I'd watched, there was never one mention of where the stray bullets went?

I had begun to see Belle as something other than beautiful. I knew the movie about Her was some kind of lie. I knew they made it to sell the American public on the idea of strategic bombing in the face of staggering losses. They made it to answer for all of the young men killed in a bad idea. I read that in a book.

I was thinking about all of this as my best friend and I were watching the original 'Memphis Belle' for the fifth time. Maybe I wasn't thinking these things exactly. Maybe it was more like a few stray mental rounds falling into the space between my details.

I just remember asking him "Where do the bullets go?" I think that's when everything just went to hell.


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