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Contemplating the Memphis Belle
A short exploration of the space between the fact and fiction of B-17s, Friends, Families, Model Building and Carpet Bombing
The New Belle.

They remade the old World War Two movie. A New Memphis Belle for a new generation. They released the remake right before Desert Shield exploded into Desert Storm.

Do you think the release of a remade war propaganda film right before another war was a coincidence?

Did you support the decision to go to war or did you just follow along with bumper sticker patriotism to "Support our Troops?" As if the troops made the decision to go.

Did you see Memphis Belle? Did you enjoy the film?

Do you care about it at all? Do you ever wonder where the bullets go?

But there, I did it again, more collateral damage.

I watched the remade film. I left half way through it. I can't see Belle as beautiful. Not any more. I don't even see her as a beast. These days I just see her as a liar. If you ask me why, I say, "Don't you know?"

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